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Blemishes, scratches and gutter rash on your rims can be unsightly but are also a safety hazard. 

Rim Clinic is your one stop shop for all things rims. We provide full service repairs, polishing, and refinishing services to ensure that your wheels look as good as they did the day you bought them. All of our services are guaranteed so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll make sure your wheels will look brand new again!

Home Tips When Looking After Your Rims

Bryan Tate owner of Rim Clinic Rim Repairs says that you should avoid using harsh chemicals on your wheels as it can cause the rim to dry out and crack. 

However, if left untreated minor damage shows through and a once smooth finish turns into light scratches and chips which attract dirt and grime making them harder to remove.

A good way to restore the look of your rims is by using metal polish but you must be careful when applying any such products because it can cause the finish to go cloudy. 

This in turn leads to a feedback on the surface which causes abrasion and wearing away of the clear coat, which will eventually wear down exposing the base lacquer on the metal. 

Tate recommends using a compound as opposed to a polish with every wheel that requires restoration, but he also suggests using something like Meguiars #105 Pro Polish at least 3 times before applying any kind of wax or sealant. 

Once you have restored your rims wipe them down with a soft cloth and don’t forget to re-applying the wax or sealant.

After you have polished your rims, so they gleam and glisten it’s a good time to keep them looking their best by washing them regularly using a hosepipe and water with a mild soap.

What your rims could look like with proper care
CNC Machine After

What Do You Do When Your Rims Have Major Scratches

Tate says that you can take your rims to a reputable bodyshop and they will be able to bring up the shine with their polishing machine.  

However, this option is not always cheap but remember you get what you pay for so if you want a superior job then fork out a little extra.

Rim Repair have fixed thousands of rims with their Rim repair machine in Bayswater for Perth drivers.  

Rim Clinic can collect your rims from your home or business and return them in a brand new state.  

Whatever you choose Rim Clinic can handle it.  

If you want to talk to us today call on 0426 848 634.  


Rim Clinic offers a full satisfaction guarantee on all of its services.  You will be impressed by Rim Clinic’s professional service and you’ll love the look of your wheels for years to come or they’ll fix it for free!

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